October 2017

It's October and it is SIDS, pregnancy loss, and infant loss awareness month. It always catches me by surprise when it rolls around. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to advocate and speak up and share? I never know quite what to do. I guess the way I see it is, I spend the entire year in conversations with others talking about my journey, so I am making others aware year round. It's so important for people to understand what real life looks like. That pregnancy and babies can be a dark subject for many. With being as honest as I am, I come across women who open up and share their experience because I did the same. By sharing, we are removing a bit of the pain and validating to the world that sometimes SHIT HAPPENS! We should never succumb to a society that says your grief has no place here. That is BS. My world has and had grief in it and I will always carry that with me. More often, I will share the transformation I experienced as a result of the grief. It's maybe my superpower now and by sharing it, I am allowing others to do the same. THAT is healing.